Getting to the root of the cause

Getting to the root of the cause

When we first heard about Belinda’s mission to transform children’s health in Australia – one lunchbox at a time – the team at Worldwide were truly honoured and motivated to be part of such an important cause.

“Australia is in the midst of a childhood health crisis; 25.3% of our children aged  between 5–17 are overweight or obese. Our allergy rate and childhood diabetes is on the increase. For the first time in recorded history, the current generation of children have a shorter life expectancy than their parents,” says Belinda.

Belinda sold her home and most of her possessions in order to build a motorhome and travel around Australia, spreading her healthy food message. She has been dubbed the Lunchbox Vigilante by the media and is an ambassador for the Food Revolution Day – a Jamie Oliver worldwide initiative.

With her husband, son and daughter and their big green unmissable bus, the Smith family started spreading the word about the importance of healthy eating habits. Belinda and her family hope to reach 100,000 children and parents across Australia and the tour is estimated to last around 18 months.

Belinda is truly passionate about her cause. “You would be surprised at the response we're getting – with appearances on various TV channels, radio and newspapers that we never could have dreamed of. Best of all, the response we are getting from children, parents and teachers is incredible. We really are transforming children's health,” says Belinda.

At the Worldwide conference held in Hobart Tasmania in February this year, the franchisees, sponsors and staff were particularly moved by the powerful presentation given by Belinda. Confronting information was provided about the future of children's nutrition and how her mission in Australia is transforming children's health... one lunchbox at a time. 

Franchisees, managers, staff and sponsors attending the conference dug deep and presented Belinda and Israel with a cheque for $10,500 – a donation that will ensure another 750 children are educated by Belinda’s Mad Food Science Program.

“We know that Belinda and Israel are passionate about their cause and we look forward to supporting them every kilometre of the way,” says Rob Dallimore, Managing Director of  Worldwide.


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