The Changing Face of Marketing

The Changing Face of Marketing

In 2004, social media was in its infancy and segmenting was still something you did to an orange – not an email marketing campaign. Back then, big data was the fancy of an Orwellian dystopia, and cookies were something you ate with milk – not pixels which followed you around the internet. Moving at a tech-turbo speed, traditional marketing has changed more in the past five years than in the past 50.

Once upon a time, we wrote letters instead of texts. Between now and then, our lives have shifted significantly and so has marketing – especially in the way consumers seek information. Moving on from methods like cold emails and pamphlets, marketing has morphed into a consumer-led process. With a simple click or swipe, there’s more choice than ever, which has led to a huge shift in customer expectations. There’s no such thing as a passive customer anymore.

Modern multi-channel marketing has shifted the balance of power from the company to the consumer, coupled with an expectation that brands make life easier. To stay relevant, companies must move from generic audiences and mass campaigns to tailoring the right content to the right consumer at the right time. The amount and nature of touchpoints have skyrocketed and marketers now need to juggle the many options of apps, smartphones, email marketing and social media.

Technology has led this leap in data derived from social media and the emergence of marketing automation. Marketers now have an accurate understanding of who and where their customers are, as well as where they sit in the buyer’s cycle. But with this democratisation of data – cutting through the cosmos of competition is now the true test of a marketer’s success.

Watch this space for ways and whys championing cross-channel marketing is a must, as well as comprehensive solutions for all your pain points.

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