Where Marketers Are Going

Where Marketers Are Going

These days, relevancy is king. Responding to a landscape of generic and shouty messaging, consumers have developed ‘selective hearing.’ With most of us spending ⅓ of our waking lives attached to a device, the ubiquity of technology has made reaching customers easy – it’s keeping them engaged that’s challenging.

Instant gratification means consumers want what they want; when they want it. If brands can’t keep up, they risk their message drowning in a sea of saturation. With busy lives and more competitive communication, it’s no wonder consumers are gravitating to brands that ‘get’ them.

Future marketers need to help companies understand what their customers want, as well as use integrated marketing technology to translate customers needs into campaigns that are relevant, personalised and engaging. Messages don’t need to be complicated; just considered. Here are three standouts on the marketing horizon:

Marketing Integration

Integrated marketing joins all the dots, providing a connected framework of messages where at the push of a button, you can sync all your communication across all platforms, devices and channels. It’s less about human intervention and more about relying on technology to keep campaigns consistent and relevant to the individual.


The future is automated; from email and SMS to landing pages and digital campaigns, automation keeps messaging on point. Because databases are updated in real-time – consumers expect timely, personalised and relevant messaging. Automation allows marketers to create measurable and connected campaigns.

Hyper Personalisation

Hyper personalisation is about relevancy; picking up on trends and patterns to produce personalised messaging. Personalisation uses intelligent data to deliver the right information at the right time to the right customers. With so much competition, customers crave feeling special and understood.

For companies to cut through, marketers need to think about customers as individuals and innovate brand experiences that provide legitimate value. An example of this is BP’s new fuel payment app. Designed for parents and motorists in a hurry, the smartphone app lets you use your location to find the nearest BP petrol station and pay at the pump using your smartphone.

The future is now, and it’s all about delivering relevant and customised cross-channel communication to help you build a relationship with your customers. It’s creating a seamless experience where customers can receive individual messages through web, print, SMS, social media sharing, QR codes and more. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, U can’t afford not to.

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