Where Marketers Are Now

Where Marketers Are Now

Consumers have become hyper-connected, and as brand marketing spills into the social media space, the question at the top of most Marketers minds is how they can stay competitive and connected. Between balancing influencers and integrating multi-channel campaigns, developing marketing strategies is now more challenging than touching your nose with your elbow.

Never has there been so much choice and so little clarity. On the one hand – data and insights have brought sales and marketing teams closer together so they can focus on creating 1:1 connections between the brand and the customer. On the other hand – it’s an options overload. Between the different devices, segments, platforms and channels, knowing where to find your customer feels like a game of ‘Where’s Wally?’

While today’s marketer is pulled in many directions, they’re still speaking to an audience, not an individual. Sure, they can access the tools and data needed to create personalised interactions, but navigating them sometimes requires a PhD and a bigger budget than the average GDP. Old-school analogue tactics have given way to an ever-expanding digital landscape, and so begins the race to remain relevant, personal and connected.

As much as brands have evolved, customers have too. Both B2B and B2C consumers are more discerning than ever before. No longer wanting to be ‘sold’ to, consumers now value experience and convenience over price. Herein lies the challenge for modern marketers – how to sell your product without actually selling your product.

In a short period of time we’ve gone from brochures to billboards to biddable keywords; modern marketing has become part art, part science. Balancing creative with data analysis has turned the traditional campaign on its head. Instead of using ads to spruik their wares, marketers are now leveraging influencers and online communities.

Looking ahead ten years – automation will take centre stage. In fact, in a decade’s time, this article could have been written by AI, automatically summarised into a neat soundbyte and delivered seamlessly to you via a socially integrated chat-bot.

So that’s where we’re at. Watch this space for how Worldwide is bridging the gap between buyers and brands.

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