Why do I need Brand Guidelines?

Why do I need Brand Guidelines?

The production into creating Brand Guidelines is quite complex and a great deal of thought and effort must go into one to be successful, so why does your business need Brand Guidelines?


1. Consistency across your brand assets

Consistency is the pillar behind a strong brand. A brand will struggle to become a “house hold name” or market leader if their imagery and message is changing. Simply because the potential customers will not recognise the company.


2. Working with designers

Should your business need to outsource some Graphic Design work, Brand Guidelines will provide simple instructions on how they should design your collateral. Your carefully thought out document will include “examples of use” and will specify how your logo should be placed.


3. Working with a printer

Did you know that printers have their own colour values? Or that a printer trims your printed collateral once printed?  An image should not be taken straight from the internet and placed in a document to print. Your company’s Brand Guidelines will specifically tell you what colour values should be utilised for print, composing your print goods will be completed on brand.


4. New Employees

A Brand Guidelines document is a great tool to provide new staff when commencing employment with your company, especially for the marketing team. Brand Guidelines often include a “brand voice” such as about us or mission statements and will provide a helpful source of reference for employees. 


5. Evolving your business

As mentioned above, Brand Guidelines is not just thrown together, the document is carefully thought out and can provide strategic direction, in terms of the materials and messages placed in the document. A Brand Guidelines document will keep your marketing on track which will ideally lead your company to reach their target audience/s.


Read more on a Brand Guidelines document here.

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