Become a Worldwide Entrepreneur

Become a Worldwide Entrepreneur

Join Worldwide and become part of one of Australia’s most reputable print brands and close-knit family franchises with unparalleled marketing and tech support. 

The Pathway to Ownership

There are different reasons people consider buying a Worldwide Franchise: more control over their future, legacy, family and community involvement and being part of an innovative and dynamic group of people. Our team is committed to understanding your specific goals as you explore business ownership with Worldwide. 

Together, we’ll invest the necessary time to understand your background, goals, decision criteria, investment range, as well as the skill sets and personality of what it takes to be a successful Worldwide franchisee.  

Worldwide provides a unique opportunity for you to learn the details of the Worldwide Business Model. Our goal is to place you in a position to make the best decision that’s right for you; and for Worldwide to evaluate your potential as a Franchisee. It is important to us that the “partnership” is right for both parties. 



Why choose a Worldwide franchise? 

What sets Worldwide apart from other print franchise networks? 

  1. Worldwide is more than just print, we are a marketing and communication solutions provider that partners with customers to build and elevate their brands. 
  2. Worldwide holds a strategic partnership with The Station Marketing. This relationship allows you to increase revenue potential by expanding your service offering beyond print to provide automated marketing technology solutions.
  3. Seamless job processing through our Online Product Management (OPM) platform.
  4. Worldwide Centres have exclusive access to a centralised Production Hub that can offer: 
  • No C020 Certification: We care about the environment and so do our customers, and we offer 100% Carbon Neutral printing to our Centres at no extra cost to the customer.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification: the international standard for quality management. Our Franchisees and customers can have confidence in working with the Production Hub with this qualification.
  • ISO 12467-2:2013 Accreditation: ensures that we continuously print to offset print standards, which specifies limitations and principles concerning colour separations, printing forms and print production for four-colour sheet-fed and web-fed offset printing presses.
  • High definition and gang run printing: This allows you to offer fast turnaround, high-quality offset printing and fantastic margins.


What can you expect? 

As a Worldwide Franchisee, you will gain access to: 

  • New customer leads through
  • A telemarketer  
  • Holistic training and a sustainable business model  
  • Access to your own personalised resource hub
  • Support for customer visits and new product and services introductions 
  • Ongoing business planning support and coaching 
  • Quarterly business performance reviews and group benchmarking to uncover new opportunities 
  • Networking opportunities at regional meetings and national conferences 
  • National marketing support
  • A dedicated local area marketing professional
  • Access to Worldwide’s Production Hub for streamlined ordering 
  • Access to innovative technology via The Station Marketing to deliver a sustainable business with passive income streams, which delivers increased business value


About Worldwide 

Established in 1995, Worldwide has a rich history of disrupting the print industry and we continue to do so by providing our franchise family members with a full suite of marketing and technology solutions across integrated marketing, procurement management and augmented reality. This full-service approach is the reason for our long-term, satisfied customers. 

With over 35 locations nationally, we deliver end-to-end solutions to our small and medium-sized business customers to meet the demands of their businesses. From graphic design through to printing, finishing, distribution and logistics, we value quality and strive to deliver the very best in customer service. 

In 2019, Worldwide formed a strategic partnership with The Station Marketing; The Station is the sister company of Worldwide and offers a wide range of automated marketing technology, workflow solutions and other business improvement tools and services.





Q: When did the Worldwide Franchise group commence? 

A: Worldwide commenced trading in 1995 and has since grown into one of the most innovative and quality design and printing companies in Australia. We currently have 35 Design and Print Centres located in WA, SA, NSW, VIC and QLD.


Q: Who are the Owners and Directors of Worldwide? 

A: Worldwide is a privately owned company with multiple shareholders, including Franchisees and Directors.


Q: What qualifications are needed and what is the background of the ideal Worldwide Franchise owner? 

A: Worldwide Centres are ideal investments for astute business people, preferably with prior experience in business-to-business operations. 

We look for entrepreneurial individuals with initiative, integrity and persistence. Excellent communications and interpersonal skills and the ability to organise and manage the operation are vital. A sales background is helpful however, Franchise Owners must be proactive in the local business community and develop the necessary selling skills to grow their business. 


Q: Is Training provided? 

A: A comprehensive 3-week training program is provided prior to new franchisees commencing the operation of their franchise. This program includes product knowledge, sales and customer service as well as comprehensive business and team management skills plus how to use our computer systems. 


In addition, the local State Support Manager works with the new Franchise Owner/s to ensure the initial opening period is smooth and trouble-free. Ongoing support is available through the State Support Manager, our online Operations Manual, or by phone if required. Quarterly group franchise meetings, our bi-annual national conference and additional training sessions provide an opportunity for continually increasing skill levels. 


Q: What Marketing support is provided? 

A: The Franchisor is strongly committed to promoting the brand and increasing our brand presence throughout Australia. 


To do this, Worldwide receives a Marketing Levy from all Franchisees. A proportion of this levy is used to fund and operate the National Marketing Department, which provides national marketing support. 


Q: What is the minimum Equity / Capitalisation ratio? 

A: The normal ratio is approximately 50%. This means the Franchise Owner needs to have cash equivalent to 50% of the total investment required, this does not include working capital. The other 50% can be borrowed from financial institutions. For example your fixtures and fittings, photocopiers and computers may be leased or rented and paid for out of ongoing cash flow to reduce your initial capital outlay. 


Q: Can I sell the Business? 

A: You can sell the business at any time during the life of the agreement and renewal periods. However, the business must be sold to an acceptable individual or organisation approved by the Franchisor. The potential new Franchise Owner must agree to the terms and conditions of the current Franchise Agreement. 


Q: What are the estimated entry and ongoing costs? 

A: For a new Franchise, the Franchise Fee is $25,000 excluding GST; in addition to this, there is a $15,000 excluding GST training fee and various other smaller amounts which are highlighted in the Disclosure Document.


Q: How much money can I make from a Franchise?

A: Many factors must be considered in determining potential earnings. Some Franchises can reach breakeven rapidly due to the Franchise Owner or their staff’s industry knowledge or local connections. No warranties can be given or implied in any projections or estimates supplied by our personnel or any external agency. Prospective Franchise Owners are advised to undertake their own market study and evaluation before making any commitment


Q: What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

A: The agreement is for an initial 5-year term, with an option of renewal for a further three, 5-year terms. It is in our interest to ensure we continue our relationship with our Franchise Owners for as long as possible.


Q: What should I do before becoming a Franchisee?

A: We are happy to answer any questions you may have about joining our Franchise, however, we always recommend that you do your own due diligence and seek professional advice. Read the information statement for prospective franchisees for a guide.

What our Owners Say

I have been a Franchise owner for 22 years. Worldwide to me, means family. I often refer to my colleagues as my Worldwide family.

The support, encouragement and also, friendship, that I receive on a daily basis is fantastic. Don’t get me wrong - Worldwide also pushes the owners out of our comfort zone for the greater good of growing our business.

I do not believe that there is another Franchise Network that is more caring of their Franchisees.

Mandy, Worldwide O’Connor & Fremantle

What our Owners Say

To me, being a part of Worldwide is belonging to an organisation that has resources that include the personnel, know-how, capital and drive to keep at the forefront of technology within our respective markets.

It is enabling us, as franchisees, to get on with the business of attending to our customer's requirements at a very high standard, without having to think of all the constraints and admin downtime of being in business on your own.

Alan, Worldwide Perth QV1

What our Owners Say

The best part of working for the Worldwide Franchise group is the customers, customers who have no idea what they want or how to produce it. Worldwide provide them with a creative solution that is valuable and enhances their business.

Most of our print customers have been with us for many years, who say that the quality of our products is second to none. New customers are often surprised that they don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to meet a tight deadline.

Matt, Worldwide South Brisbane, Spring Hill & Southport

What our Owners Say

I wanted to be a Worldwide Franchisee as I saw the added value that Worldwide provides their customers through its technology solutions, it's what I love about running my own business and working for my customers.

Our customers express how happy they are with the technology solutions, and they're often surprised at the positive feedback that they receive from their consumers from using our tailored customer journeys; the key is receiving personalised communication that is easy to use.

Les, Worldwide Parramatta

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