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  • Size Options

    NCR Sizes

    NCR form invoices and receipts are usually padded in sets and bound into booklets. Or they can be ordered loose.

    At Worldwide, we have carbonless books available in DL, A5 and A4 sizes, with up to 5 copies per set of forms. The most common sizes are A5 and A4 (portrait or landscape), and custom sizes can be designed and printed to meet your specific needs.

    We also have a range of oversized books where the tear out page can be a full DL, A5 or A4 size.

  • Binding Options

    NCR Binding Options

    NCR forms can be padded in sets, from 25 up to 100. For ease of removal, pages can be perforated. Receipt and invoice books contain one or more copies of the form that can easily be torn out and handed to the customer, leaving a copy in the booklet for your business. Pages are perforated at the edge of the form closest to the spine of the book which makes it easier for the page to be removed. 

    The tape binding method is a common form of binding for NCR books. A heat activated binding strip is wrapped around the pages to secure the pages together. Books are first stapled (no hole drilling required) and then bound with the tape.

  • Finishing Options

    NCR Finishing Options


    A durable cover wrap maintains the forms' integrity when inserted between the forms by preventing transfer when the form is completed. There are different cover options available:

    hard cover with a separate cardboard insert
    soft cover with a wrap around insert
    soft cover with a separate cardboard insert.


    Numbering is essential for record keeping - simply specify red or black ink for the numbers, the position on the form and the starting number required. The sets of forms are numbered sequentially, which means each set is printed with the same number. Numbers are printed in either ascending or descending numerical order, and can be printed horizontally or vertically.


  • Top Tips

    NCR Top Tips

    How NCR works

    NCR paper transfers the impression through multiple levels with very little pressure. The reverse side of the paper contains a micro-encapsulated dye that breaks when pressure is applied. The following sheet is coated with clay that reacts with the dye to form a permanent mark.

     When designing and ordering NCR books, there are a few questions we need to know.

    • The number of copies for each form
    • The number of sets of forms in each book
    • The colour of the copies (white, yellow, pink, blue, green)
    • If the form is to be printed on the front only, or if printing is required on the reverse.
    • The number of colours to be printed on the front of the form (don't forget your company logo) and if printing is required on the reverse, the number of colours.
    • Do the copies contain the same information as the front page, or are they different?
    • If you require sequential numbering, what is the starting number?
    • Numbering can either be red or black
    • Do the copies need to be perforated along the edge for ease of removal?
    • Does the last copy in the set remain in the book?
    • What type of cover - hard, wraparound?
    • If your book has a hard cover, do you need a separate cardboard insert to prevent writing carrying over to the next set of forms?
    • Would you prefer a wrap around cover?
    • When you're ready to order, or if you need further information, contact your Worldwide Printing Solution team and they will answer any questions you may have and provide a quote.

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