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Personalised Printing.

Personalised printing, also known as variable data printing, is a form of digital printing which allows various elements such as text, graphics and images to be changed from one printed piece to the next.

So why would personalising a printed piece be effective? The ability to personalise increases the chances of marketing material being read because the more personalised the data, the more a customer will pay attention to it. Personalised mail simply stands out from the rest of the day-to-day barrage of advertising messages.

Variable information can be used on direct mail to customise messaging, making it relevant to existing customers, attracting new clients and even initiating contact with customers who you may not have heard from in awhile.

Marketing brochures can be customised for a specific product offering, yet maintain a professional and standard look and feel. Printed pieces can be personalised for a specific demographic or triggering event which will enable your marketing efforts to become more tailored and focused resulting in improved response rates.


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