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11 Practical ways to use presentation folders in your business

Making the right impression with your printed materials can significantly influence how your brand is perceived.

Presentation folders are not just functional; they offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand’s professionalism and attention to detail. Whether it’s for new employee welcome packs, training materials, portfolios, or tradeshows, a well-designed presentation folder can elevate your presentation game.

Below are some practical ideas on how your business can make the most of your presentation folders.

Welcome Pack Presentation Folder

1. Staff welcome packs

Give new staff a memorable start with a beautifully designed presentation folder. These are perfect for packaging all the essential information they need to start on the right foot. You can customise these folders with pockets that are perfect for holding contracts, company policies, and personal welcome messages, making the recipient feel valued and well-informed from day one.

2. Onboarding kits for new clients

Similar to employee welcome packs, you can make any new client feel special and informed with a custom onboarding kit. Include details about your services, key contacts, FAQs, and any client-specific documents. A well-designed folder makes the client feel valued and helps streamline the onboarding process.

3. Client proposals

Before you can create an onboarding kit for a new client, you need to win them over with a show-stopping proposal! Enhance your business proposals by delivering them in custom presentation folders that reinforce your brand’s professionalism. The added structure and style will make your proposals more impressive and memorable.

Training Pack Presentation Folder

4. Distributing training material with style

During training sessions, presentation folders serve as an excellent tool for organising and distributing educational materials. A custom folder with dedicated pockets can contain schedules, policy documents, and informational brochures, all in one convenient place. This not only aids in maintaining a clear and professional appearance but also enhances the learning experience by keeping all materials tidy and accessible.

5. Portfolios that speak volumes

For professionals who need to showcase their work, a custom presentation folder offers a neat and impressive way to present print portfolios. These folders can be designed to reflect your personal or company brand, ensuring that your work is not just seen but remembered. With options to include pockets, you can easily organise your documents and include leave-behind materials like business cards or promotional flyers.

6. Stand out at tradeshows

When you’re competing for attention in a sea of vendors, a striking presentation folder filled with your marketing material can make a significant impact. Incorporate a business card holder within your folder design to ensure that every prospect leaves with your contact information. Use bold graphics and your corporate colours to make these folders vibrant and noticeable, enhancing your brand visibility.

7. Press kits

Use presentation folders as press kits at events or for product launches. Include press releases, company information, high-quality images, and contact information. Custom pockets can hold USB drives containing digital content or media that further enriches the press experience.

Property Developer Presentation Folder

8. Real estate listing kits

Real estate agents can use folders to compile property details, photos, agent information, and legal documents for potential buyers. Customised folders with a sleek design can give an edge in a competitive market. Particularly if you’re selling luxury properties, a folder with a luxurious feel and extra embellishments will ensure the whole experience feels opulent and exclusive.

9. Networking event toolkits

For events where networking is key, equip your team with folders containing business cards, company overviews, industry relevant articles, and even a small notepad and pen. These tools can facilitate discussions and leave a strong impression with new contacts.

10. Annual reports

Present your yearly business achievements and annual reports in a presentation folder. Include brief summaries or infographics in the pockets to highlight key data and insights, making it easier for stakeholders to appreciate the successes and understand the strategic direction of your company.

11. Product launch materials

For launching a new product, use presentation folders to bundle promotional materials like brochures, product samples (if size permits), fact sheets, and promotional offers. This packaging makes the product launch feel more substantial and professional.

Types and customisation of presentation folders

Presentation folders can vary widely in design to suit specific business needs. Basic pocket folders are versatile for most applications, but you can also opt for folders with multiple pockets or expanded pockets for holding more materials. Customisation options include various types of finishes, such as matte, gloss, or textured laminations, which not only improve the aesthetic appeal but also protect the material inside.

Adding unique touches like foil stamping, embossing, or spot UV coating can differentiate your folders from the rest, offering a tactile experience that communicates luxury and care.

Presentation folders are a powerful tool in any business’s communication arsenal. They are more than just holders of papers; they are a reflection of your company’s values and your commitment to quality. Investing in well-designed presentation folders can boost your professionalism and leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives them.

So, when planning your next set of business materials, consider how a custom presentation folder could enhance the delivery and reception of your message.


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