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Everything you need to know about corflute signs

When it comes to choosing signage for your business, versatility and durability are key.

That’s where corflute signage comes into play. Perfect for a variety of applications, corflute signs are not just practical; they are also cost-effective and easy to customise. Let’s dive into what corflute signs are and explore some of their most popular uses.

What are corflute signs?

Corflute is a lightweight, rigid plastic material, often used for temporary signage. It’s made from corrugated polypropylene, which offers a fantastic balance of durability and lightness. This makes it incredibly easy to install, transport, and store, making it a favourite for both temporary and semi-permanent needs. Its smooth surface is perfect for digital and screen printing, ensuring your message pops with clarity and vibrant colours.

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Popular uses of corflute signage

Real Estate Signs

One of the most common sightings of corflute signs is in the real estate industry. Whether it’s for sale signs, open house announcements, or property showcases, corflute signs get the job done effectively. They withstand the elements well, ensuring that properties get maximum exposure regardless of weather conditions.

Election Signs

Come election time, corflute signs dot the landscape, promoting candidates and their platforms. Their affordability and ease of use make them an ideal choice for campaigns that need to distribute a large volume of signs quickly across vast areas.

General Advertising

From retail promotions to special event signage, corflute is a go-to for businesses looking to boost visibility. Its ability to be custom cut into various shapes and sizes makes it a flexible option for creative and eye-catching advertising.

Temporary Signs

Need to put up a quick directional sign for an event or a temporary hazard warning at a construction site? Corflute is perfect for these uses too. It’s easy to set up and take down, which is ideal for short-term applications.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Thanks to its UV and water-resistant qualities, corflute signs are equally at home both indoors and outdoors. This makes them incredibly versatile, suitable for everything from indoor point-of-sale displays to outdoor festival signage.

Why choose corflute?

Choosing corflute for your signage needs comes down to a few key benefits:

  • Durability -it stands up well to environmental elements, from rain to bright sunshine.
  • Cost-effectiveness – corflute is economical, especially when considering its lifespan and versatility.
  • Ease of customisation – printing on corflute is straightforward, allowing for vibrant graphics and crisp text.
  • Lightweight design – easy to handle, install, and move as needed, which is great for a range of applications.


Whether you’re a real estate agent looking to showcase new listings, a political campaign on the trail, or a business promoting its latest offerings, corflute signs can provide the visibility and impact you need.

At Worldwide, we specialise in creating high-quality corflute signage that captures attention and withstands the test of time. Let us help you get your message out there with the perfect blend of style and practicality.

For more information on how corflute signs can benefit your business, or to get started on your custom signage project, contact your local centre today!


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