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Promotional product ideas for your next event

Every promotional product is an opportunity to increase brand exposure.

When planning your next corporate event, whether it’s a conference, trade show, or exhibition, selecting the right promotional products can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement with attendees. Of all the marketing material on display at business events, a creative promo item is the one most likely to be taken home and kept. Below are just a few innovative and practical promotional product ideas to consider for your next event.

Practical promotional items

Offering something practical and useful increases the chance of your item being kept for longer – increasing your brand’s exposure. The following items are classic yet effective promotional items.

Promotional Product - Pen

Branded pens

A timeless choice, custom pens are practical item that everyone uses. They are one of the most popular and versatile branded promo items. It doesn’t matter whether you need a pen with a stylus or pens made from eco-friendly materials to align with your sustainability values, there is a pen option to suit every budget and every requirement.

Promotional Product - Tote Bag

Custom tote bags

Tote bags are not only useful during the event for carrying materials, but they also serve as mobile adverts once attendees use them in their daily lives. Make sure your design stands out with eye-catching colours and your logo visible.

Promotional Product - Personalised Notebook

Personalised notebooks

Offering a branded notebook at events like workshops or seminars can be a smart move. They’re likely to be used during the event and kept for future use, keeping your brand in plain sight. If you know attendees’ names beforehand, think about personalising the cover of the notebooks with their names. The personalised notebooks can be used in place of name cards if you have assigned seating.

Creative out-of-the-box ideas

Whilst practicality is often the best way to go, coming up with something a little more creative means you’ll be more likely to stand out.

Promotional Product - Dominoes

Branded games

Custom puzzles, playing cards, or board games that reflect your industry can create interest and interaction among attendees. These are perfect for creating memorable experiences linked to your brand.

Promotional Product - Speaker

Tech gadgets

In a digital age, tech gadgets such as USB drives, power banks, or even branded VR headsets can be both innovative and functional. These items can offer high perceived value and usability beyond the event.

Promotional Product - Branded Van Model

Interactive kits

Consider kits that attendees can interact with, such as DIY sets or grow-kits for plants, which can align with themes of growth and sustainability. These kits encourage ongoing engagement with your brand as the project progresses.

The benefits of promotional products

Think beyond the conventional and choose promotional items that surprise and delight attendees, making your brand the talking point of the event.

Well-designed items are likely to be kept and used, ensuring your brand remains visible to not just the recipient but also to others around them.

Unique and useful promotional products can also help position your brand as thoughtful and innovative. This can enhance your brand’s perception and deepen customer loyalty.

At Worldwide, we understand that each business event is unique. We’re here to help you customise promotional products that not only align with your brand but captivate and engage your target audience. Let’s make your next event a standout success with promotional products that make a lasting impression. For more ideas and assistance, contact your local Worldwide team today.


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