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Employee gift ideas and company swag

When it comes to boosting employee morale and creating a sense of belonging, few things are as effective as company swag.

But what exactly is company swag? In a nutshell, it’s branded merchandise given to employees as gifts, often emblazoned with the company logo and colours. These items can range from practical office supplies to fun, unique gifts.

Quality and practical branded merchandise ideas

Company swag is perfect for new employee onboarding, recognising achievements, celebrating company milestones, or even at team-building events and conferences. Below are just some ideas you can use for your company swag. To browse more ideas, take a look at our range of online promo catalogues for inspiration.

Man wearing PWR branded T-shirt

Custom apparel

Branded t-shirts, hoodies, or caps are always a hit. They’re practical, and employees can wear them both in and out of the office, turning them into walking advertisements for your brand.

Promotional Product - Speaker

Tech accessories

Consider items like branded USB drives, wireless chargers, or Bluetooth speakers. These gadgets are useful and likely to be used frequently.

Woman carrying a Kolachi branded tote bag

Eco-friendly products

Reusable water bottles, tote bags, and bamboo lunchboxes are not only trendy but also promote sustainability. They show that your company cares about the environment, which can resonate well with employees.

Promotional Product - Pen

Office & desk supplies

High-quality notebooks, pens, and planners can help keep employees organised and productive. Personalising these items with the company logo adds a professional touch.

PWR Gym Mat

Wellness gifts

Think about branded yoga mats, stress balls, or even fitness trackers. These gifts encourage a healthy lifestyle, which can improve overall employee well-being and productivity.

Personalised gift ideas

To make your gifts even more special, consider personalising them with printed sleeves or gift tags. Here are a few ideas:

Custom sleeves

Add a printed sleeve with a motivational message or the employee’s name.

Gift or swing tags

Include a tag with a personalised message, thanking the employee for their hard work.

Customised packaging

Present your gifts in branded boxes or bags, adding an extra touch of thoughtfulness.

Ordering t-shirts using our Online Product Management platform

How to order company swag

Here at Worldwide, we make it easy for businesses to manage and order their company swag. We can set you up with your own branded storefront, where you can manage and order your merchandise directly. This personalised portal allows you to maintain brand consistency and streamline the ordering process.

Whether you need a bulk order for a company event or individual gifts for new hires, our OPM platform ensures you get exactly what you need, when you need it. We can even help you customise an employee or client onboarding kit, featuring multiple items that be ordered with one click of a button.

Talk to your local Worldwide team to learn more or request a demo.

Are employee gifts tax deductible?

One question that often comes up is whether employee gifts are tax deductible. In Australia, the answer is generally yes, but with some conditions. Gifts that are considered ‘minor benefits’ (less than $300) are usually tax deductible and exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). However, it’s always a good idea to check with your accountant or tax advisor to ensure you’re compliant with the latest regulations.

Branded merchandise and thoughtful employee gifts can make a significant impact on morale and company culture. By choosing practical, high-quality items and adding a personal touch, you show your employees that they are valued and appreciated. Remember, a small token of appreciation can go a long way in creating a positive and productive workplace.


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