Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience where objects that are in the real-world are ‘augmented’ by digital experiences such as video, 3D models or 3D animated objects.
AR can be used to layer digital content over printed material to literally bring print to life, providing recipients with a far more engaging and interactive experience.



The ACTIV8AR app extends the use of a mobile device’s camera to recognise items within printed material, known as markers, that are linked to rich interactive media such as video and 3D models.
When the phone’s camera recognises a marker the ACTIV8AR app delivers the content associated with that marker to the mobile device.


1. Open the ACTIV8AR app in your device.


2. Look for the ACTIV8AR content in printed collateral such as brochures, magazines, packaging, banners etc. ACTIV8AR markers (images) should be marked with the ACTIV8AR app icon as above. Click here to download some examples.


3. Hold your phone above the image to view the Augmented Reality content.

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