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Give your brand staying power with promotional products

We all love receiving gifts. For some of us, it’s how we express our love and gratitude.

Gifts make people smile from the very moment they’re received, soon becoming physical reminders of a special moment or event.

Essentially, promotional products are branded gifts from companies to remind you of the business’s purpose, products, services or that special event you may have attended. Compared to other marketing methods, the tangibility of promotional products makes them naturally more engaging and memorable. Especially if they happen to be useful.

Promotional products have longevity

Promotional products are usually kept longer than a flyer, postcard and are “in-view” much longer than a 15-second ad or email.

If your customer likes the giveaway, they’ll keep it, they might even use it daily. If your product or service is relevant to them, your brand will stay on their mind much longer, thereby, increasing the chance of future sales.

With the use of digital printing technology, many promotional products can now incorporate high definition, full-colour graphics, allowing you to communicate your message more effectively. While some promo products are restricted by print area and printing methods, creative use of paper can help you get more complex messages across – like attaching a bookmark to a branded pen, which lists your services or displaying your branded mug in a printed packaging that showcases your portfolio.

Promotional products cut through the clutter

Every day, we are constantly bombarded with advertising messages telling us what to buy, use and how XYZ products can make our lives easier. The sheer volume of messages makes it increasingly more difficult for businesses to find creative ways to engage. How do you attract attention and cut through all the clutter in order to place your products or services on their radar.

Enter the promotional product. The physicality of promotional products makes them much harder to ignore. Especially if they’re useful (like tech gadgets, stationery or drinkware) or engaging (like toys, sporting equipment or games).

3 out of 4 consumers keep useful promo products
Statistics about consumers preferring promo products over emails

2021 Consumer report

  • Over 94% of consumers like receiving promotional products
  • Three out of four consumers keep promotional products when they are useful
  • At least 85% would rather receive a promotional product than an email
  • Three of four consumers would switch brands if they received a promotional product with whom they have not done business before
  • Four out of five consumers say promotional products make an experience more enjoyable

Choosing the right promotional product for your business

Promotional products can be fun, informative and useful, but choose them wisely. It’s probably not in your best interest to give away tyre pressure gauge keyrings at a pregnancy expo.

Talk to the team at Worldwide about your business objectives. This will help you narrow down your options to only include promotional products that make sense and compliment your brand.

If you provide skincare services and attend outdoor community events, you could give away branded sunscreen and hats. If you’re a mechanic, you could keep your business in the customers’ minds for their next visit by leaving a branded air freshener on their rear-view mirror. Or if you’re a fashion retailer for 20-somethings, you could offer a gift alongside purchases to help close the sale, like a branded lunchbox, thumb drive or water bottle.

PPAI 2019 Study.

Top 5 promo product categories

Promote yourself with promotional products

At Worldwide, we can source a huge range of promotional products.

You can get started by viewing our promotional product catalogues, which are filled with hundreds of colourful, current, and creative ideas. 

Or simply get in touch with your local Worldwide Centre. Give us a description of what you are looking for, and we will send you some of our very own creative ideas. From there, we can provide a quote for what you need based on your budget and deadline.

Here are just a few ideas, based on industry to get you started.

Promo ideas for not-for-profit and healthcare industries
Promo ideas for local government and education
Promo ideas for franchises and conferences

Stats are from the Promotional Products Association International) (PPAI) 2021 Consumer Study, Produced By PPAI Research.

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