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Say goodbye to monkey business with Campaigns on Demand

In cult classic comedy Arrested Development, family patriarch George Bluth Senior often told his family there was “always money in the banana stand.”

It is advice that, had the family taken, it would have helped them considerably. It turns out, Bluth Senior was quite literal, and the money the family needed was indeed in the banana stand.

Luckily for Worldwide customers, there’s no need to monkey around with mixed messages and hidden meanings.

But there is cause to consider how quickly the rug can be pulled out front underneath your marketing efforts, just like the Bluth family when their anchor was sent to jail for fraud.

It was something many businesses and consumers experienced when in February 2021, a figurative rug was pulled out from underneath Australians when Facebook blocked users from viewing or sharing news on the platform, including a lot of general business pages.

At the flick of the switch, these social media channels, which businesses and brands invest heavily in to reach and talk to their customers, can be turned off and leave business owners scratching their heads, wondering how they’re going to share news or updates with customers.

The consistent conversation starter

That’s why at Worldwide, we’re excited to help businesses across Australia own their customer conversations with Campaigns on Demand. Our email marketing platform gives you the frameworks you need to quickly generate regular messages tailored to your specific audiences.

In 2021, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tactics for building brand awareness and generating real return on investment for businesses. In fact, as many of us stayed close to home during the COVID-19 pandemic, email open rates and engagement for email marketing increased as we all spent more time online and sought to remain connected to our communities. 

Need more proof?

  • Research by the Content Marketing Institute found email is the most reliable channel to nurture and convert leads (Source: Kinsta)
  • Likewise, they also reported email is the second-most popular way for professionals to share content with co-workers meaning email will potentially give your messages a one-to-many amplification (Source: Kinsta)
  • And if that still hasn’t convinced you perhaps consider that in 2021 more than 4.03billion people will send an email (Source: Statista)
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A savvy solution

Managing and deploying regular campaigns to your customers with personalised, relevant and timely marketing messages has never been easier.

Whether you’re wanting to share news of a new product launch, update customers on lockdown opening hours, entice with a seasonal discount or a re-attract a lapsed client, our customised and branded templates give you the stress-free solution to keep the lines of communication open with your customers.

And unlike likes, follows and comments, which can often make tracking your customer lifecycle difficult and leave you wondering if you’re talking to paying customers or just warm leads, email marketing gives you real-time data about customers’ interaction with your products and/or services. With this level of detail, you’re able to tailor your messages to meet your customer where they’re at, foster the relationship and offer them content that resonates.

“Email marketing is paramount to the retention of your customer base,” said Ryan Masten, founder of Earn2Trade, a small education and financial business. “There’s much more room for personalisation and customization in an email, as you’re communicating directly with your own customers.” Source:

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Stress-free email marketing

Worldwide’s Campaigns on Demand make talking to your customers directly easy and stress free with:

  • Branded and easy to use frameworks
  • Editable fields to update pricing or product descriptions on the fly
  • Personalised landing pages with dynamic product descriptions
  • Email alerts when a customer has engaged with your EDM – meaning you can build a relationship with the customer sooner
  • Customisable and targeted platform to talk to the right people at the right time
  • Consultations available for bespoke solutions

More than ever, customers want to engage with and support the brands and businesses they value, making it the perfect time to set a strong email marketing strategy and hit send in your own Campaigns on Demand portal.

And afterall, if 72% of consumers engage with marketing messages tailored to them (Source: Social Media Today), isn’t it time you investigated just how easy it is to make it a reality for your own marketing messages? Get ahead of the curve and shore up greater brand loyalty, engagement, conversions and customer retention.

Businesses ready to take their customer conversations to the next level won’t need to worry about reading between the lines to unlock their potential and find revenue opportunities. Your messages won’t be falling of deaf ears and with no monkey business to worry about, you’ll have more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Get in touch with your local Worldwide Centre for a free demonstration of Campaigns on Demand.

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