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Three Reasons Why Print Is Still Powerful

Some people think that print is dead… but guess what? Ink still flows.
In today’s deadline-driven digital world, print is getting even more powerful. Here are three big reasons why.

Print is more personal

We know… everyone and everything is online. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do things.
You probably get invited to various parties on social media… but isn’t it nice to get a physical invitation? Similarly, doesn’t it feel a lot more meaningful to receive a birthday card from a friend instead of the obligatory Facebook post?

That’s because online communication has become deeply impersonal. In this digital day and age, what isn’t being done is exciting, and the stats for direct mail are testament to that. Compared to email marketing’s with 20.5% open rates, direct mail boasts a 99% open rate, with 60% of recipients reading through thoroughly. With a much greater response rate than five online marketing methods combined, doesn’t it make sense to connect with your audience on a more personal level?

Print is naturally more engaging

The experience of buying a dining chair from an online store just isn’t the same as if you were in a showroom; no matter how crisp your resolution is, a screen won’t do the shapes and textures justice.

That all important touch and feel factor rings true for print, too. While online media relies on pixels to portray an idea, paper is only limited by your imagination. With endless combinations of stocks, folds, die-cut shapes or embellishments, the opportunities for tangible creativity can only make your idea all the more engaging.

Think about your most beloved book or album. The emotional connections you develop with a paperback by your favourite author or jewel-case CD from your favourite band somehow don’t seem as strong when transferred to an eBook or audio file; we grow fond of the images and words on paper, and those memories live on in physical form. Which brings us to our final point…

Print has staying power

In the event you’re not overly enthralled by your hairdresser’s small talk, you’ve always got the back-up of a backdated magazine.

It’s not just books, catalogues or magazines that have incredible staying power. Statements, certificates, brochures and promotional products are commonly kept by recipients, serving as a physical reminder or a just form of entertainment. Much unlike digital media, printed pieces are tactile objects that often become treasured possessions.

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