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Why invest in graphic design

Why invest in graphic design?

Have you ever wondered if it’s worth investing your time and money in good Graphic Design? We can assure you it is. Make sure you do what’s best for your brand by ensuring your communication material is professionally presented, consistent and on trend. Here’s five reasons why you should always trust the professionals.

1. You'll always stay on trend

Have you ever noticed a brand refresh their image? It could be a simple change to the font or image used in their logo, a change to their tagline, or even a change to their brand’s colour. Either way – they’ve changed their design, and chances are they’ve done this to stay on trend. 

Staying on trend is important. Brands can instantly become more appealing if they are seen to be current and keeping up with the times. In a crowded marketplace, design and modernised branding can help you stand out against your competitors.

A simple logo update can help you appeal to a whole new audience and create excitement amongst customers, it can “breathe new life into an old brand”. Take the Asthma Foundation for example, who wanted to give their PJ Day logo a refresh. They wanted to move away from having a child in their logo to widen their audience, as Asthma affects a broader population. Matias Jakku, Graphic Designer at Worldwide South Brisbane created the updated logo, he said; “The brief looked to capitalise on the current popularity of superheroes and comics, which led to using the halftone pattern and panel motif”.

Matias has taken this brief and turned it into a reality, a wonderful one at that. By utilising bold typography, bright colours and minimalism, Matias has also tapped into current design trends to ensure the logo is modern and eye-catching.

PJ Day logo update

Now let’s take a look at Google. In September 2015, after 17 years of using the same logo, Google redesigned and launched it’s new look. The new logo is clean, modern and fresh, whilst still remaining true to the brand.

Google logo changes

(Source: Business Insider Australia)

2. Design is your very own sales pitch

Your first point of customer engagement is often something to do with design. Whether it’s your shop-front logo, a brochure, company advertisement or even your website – design gives your brand a certain look and feel, and with that a customer’s first impression is created.

Good design builds trust. A study has determined that badly designed websites are often not read and are often mistrusted. According to a study entitled Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, of all the factors that were mentioned for rejecting or mistrusting a website, 94% were design related and only 6% were content related.

Based on this statistic alone, It’s obvious that design is a major driving factor in a consumer’s decision to choose a particular brand or not. According to Adobe, “companies that foster creativity enjoy 1.5x greater market share”.

3. To communicate your brand message clearly

When you work with a local designer, you can sit down with them, discuss your ideas and devise concepts together. You are able to get to know the designer and they are able to get to know you, helping them understand your brand and your brand message, and giving them a better insight into what you want to achieve. Face to face meetings build stronger, more meaningful business relationships and minimise the risk of miscommunication. According to a survey conducted by Forbes, 84% of business executives preferred face to face communication, showing just how important human interaction still is.

Graphic designers reviewing designs

4. Graphic Designers are masters in what they do

Graphic Design is a profession. Professional designers have studied, and had the experience in their industry. They understand concepts such as colour, balance, contrast and scale. In other words, they are the right people for the job. You wouldn’t go to a plumber to fix your car, so why would you trust anyone else with your design?

5. People remember good design

No one wants to be forgotten, right? Well lucky for you, good design is memorable. How many times have you been able to picture a product or brand perfectly but not been able to remember the name? This is because we often remember visual cues, such as an element of the packaging or the shape or colouring of the logo. Subconsciously we are doing this, especially if they trigger certain emotions.

Have you ever found that you “unconsciously gravitate toward a particular brand of some item at the store? That’s the power of branding at work”. Creating a unique design and subsequent message, your brand name is more likely to stick.

Take McDonalds for example, with the creation of the golden M, with a distinct colour and shape, they have created an individual and easily recognisable design – making their brand memorable. A great design will stand the test of time, eliminating the need to invest in a new one.

McDonalds sign

Good Graphic Design is worth the investment

Awkward Graphic Design never translates well. Every one of us is inundated with marketing messages, and not to mention, we have shorter attention spans than ever before. Making sure you get Graphic Design right is so important for your brand; with the landscape we’re currently in, there’s no way you’re going to be remembered and recommended if your branding isn’t consistent or doesn’t look the part. First impressions count, and if yours isn’t up to scratch, you’re not going to get another chance.

At Worldwide, our team of in-house Graphic Designers are creative, clever, and do what they do every day. They’re on top of what works, and have tried and tested all sorts of techniques to make your business stand out. At Worldwide, we’ll make the whole process easy for you, so that investing in Graphic Design is a smooth and smart decision for your business.

Talk to your nearest Worldwide Centre today to take your brand to the next level.

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