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MSP Photography OPM Case Study

About MSP Photography

MSP Photography is one of Australia’s largest school photography service providers, photographing around 1.3 million pre-school, primary school and high school students across the nation annually. Their franchise network consists of over 25 local businesses backed by a national support network and state-of-the-art processing lab.

MSP has been a pioneer in school photography since 1991, and we know exactly how to create a hassle-free experience for staff, students and parents. Their mission is to prove to school communities that ‘Life is easier with MSP’.


MSP Photography’s marketing team was struggling to keep up with franchisees’ demand for franchise-specific collateral including corporate stationery, marketing material, internal forms, documentation and digital artwork.

The franchisees required artwork to be designed manually, sent to them for approval, sent to print, printed and dispatched and then delivered to them.

We established that an OPM site for MSP would be a beneficial solution to streamline internal processes for the marketing team and the franchisees.

MSP Photography’s franchisor appreciated that OPM could offer franchisees direct access to a franchise-specific portal where orders could be placed on-demand, payment for goods could be made upfront and artwork could be generated automatically as well as approved for print without any intervention from the marketing team.

Key Outcomes

Project Details






Seconds – Average order time

Customer Feedback

“The OPM site looks great! I found the site simple to use and very intuitive.”
Franchisee in Queensland

“I can say I found this website very user friendly, and I do feel that this is going to be a great tool.”
Franchisee in Queensland

“OPM is able to give our franchisees access to their collateral when they want it. I am comfortable knowing that while orders can be placed at the whim of the franchisees, there is no option for them to edit, amend or adjust the artwork templates themselves. Maintaining the integrity of our brand through consistency and uniformity is easy with OPM.”
National Marketing Manager