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2020 Design trends

Five design trends to look out for in 2020

Graphic design trends are about breaking convention, moving space, shape, lines, colour and texture onwards and upwards.

But as in fashion, graphic design trends tend to come and go… only to come back again.

This year’s trends include revamped and revisited trends of yesterday, plus current ones that keep on evolving.

Mixed media

Is there anything worse than seeing a competitor use the exact same stock photo as you?


In 2020, being fresh and unique is more important than ever, and mixing media is a great way to achieve that coveted crown of originality. Laying a completely bespoke hand-drawn image on top of a run-of-the-mill photo breathes new life into it– guaranteeing your brand won’t look like anyone else.

Illustration and photography mixed media image
Cartoon character with photo of woman

Isometric illustration

Real life is 3D, but graphic design has remained very much 2D – and for good, practical reasons. While isometric design is flat, it has the illusion of depth. You could call it 2.5D, and you can expect to see more of it in 2020.

Isometric designs offer a bit more perspective, making it easier to display complex information, like the scope of a warehouse or the curve of a TV screen.

Isometric illustration of smart company
Isometric illustration of purple smart city

Pastel palettes

Everything old becomes new again, and in 2020, Graphic Designers will continue playing with colour on mute.

Pastel palettes pair well with flat design, including isometric illustration. Not only do toned-down colours help improve functionality; they also communicate a cool, casual and completely fashionable vibe.

Expect to see muted colours dominate packaging, posters, fashion catalogues and web design in 2020.

Pastel coloured lipstick
Pastel colour palette design poster

Metallic minimalism

Shiny metallic finishes and minimalist design have both been trendy for some time, but in 2020, you can expect to see them merge into their own movement.

Metallic minimalism helps you make a simple yet luxurious statement. Gold, copper, bronze and silver are used strategically to capture attention – supported only by absolutely necessary and distraction-free design elements.  

White and gold metallic finishes
Black and gold metallic finishes

Maxi typography

If you thought typography couldn’t get bigger and bolder, guess what? It can, and it will.

2020 will see designers choose increasingly heavy fonts, with headings and taglines demanding even more attention. We’ll see words unorthodoxly cropped, split over multiple lines and taking on all sorts of shapes, all in line with this year’s penchant for ‘maximalist’ typography.

Example of maxi typography design
Maxi typography Straight Razor Barber

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