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Are your customers suffering from digital fatigue?

How will you wake them up?

We live in a digitally dominated world. Love it or hate it, it’s the world we live in. It can either help or hinder us, the choice is ours…

With the many challenges that 2020 has brought, digital technology has saved us in many ways – it’s allowed us to work remotely from home, stay connected with the ones we love and most importantly, stay safe.

The growth of our digital landscape not only provides us with more opportunities and more ways of doing things, but it also leads to more apps to check, more notifications to read, and more pressure and stress on our minds than ever before. We’re talking about digital fatigue – a state of mental exhaustion and disengagement that occurs when the digital world simply becomes too much.

How does this potential disengagement effect affect you as a business owner and the way you speak to your customers?

What will your business do differently, and how will you wake them up and re-ignite their interest? 

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It's no wonder we're digitally fatigued

With the number of apps, programs and websites we access each day, multiple times a day, it’s no wonder many of us are overwhelmed and tired of it all. What’s more, almost everything we look at online is an advertisement. This sensory digital sensory overload can be, quite frankly, overwhelming overpowering and with some consumers increases anxiety. So, the need to consider other options isn’t surprising.

Consumers are absolutely bombarded with online marketing. Email marketing has reached increasing levels, often with multiple emails from the same business selling something every week.

How much email marketing do we really need? And does it really work?

Is print marketing becoming more important?

This brings us to the question of, “is marketing our products and services through print, becoming more important?”

Whilst the majority of society has shifted to embracing the digital world, other traditional channels, including print, still and likely always will, have their influence.

According to Canon, many consumers are craving a ‘digital detox’ and are rediscovering the world of print.

Print has been around forever, well since before 220AD (in the form of woodblock printing) to be exact, and this gives it familiarity and credibility.  Furthermore, printed material can’t simply be discarded with a click of a button or a swipe. If a consumer is holding your marketing material in their hand, they’re in contact with it for far longer than if it had arrived digitally in their inbox.

I am seeing more catalogues in my mail from companies that would never have used this medium before.” shared, Deborah Van Wyk, The Station Marketing, Marketing Manager

Print can fuel emotion - even more so when it's personalised

Personalised direct mail is on the rise. Consumers like to open creative print pieces with their name on it. It makes them feel special and likely connects with them deeper than a digital ad ever will.

As marketing channels come under increasing pressure to acquire and retain consumer’s attention, the medium with the highest cut-through rate is direct mail. In fact, research by Australia Post shows more than 90 per cent of Australians read their mail, 60 per cent read it thoroughly and 54 per cent store it for later reference.

Personalised printed flyer

Digital and print working together

We’re not suggesting you abandon digital marketing altogether (we recommend quite the opposite), but to consider an integrated approach and make print part of your overall marketing strategy in such a way to complement each other.

Building a business and a brand demands creating impact across multiple channels and marketing in a variety of different ways, utilising different mediums.

There is a link between digital and print, and using the familiarity of print to support your marketing campaigns will not only help you reach a diverse range of people, it will but it will also help your consumers with their digital detox plans.

If you feel your customers and consumers may be suffering from a case of digital fatigue,  or they are craving a digital detox, or you’re not getting the results you’d like from your marketing, consider incorporating print into your marketing strategy.

At Worldwide, we offer a range of integrated marketing solutions to help you increase your marketing response rates. We even offer direct mail services and personalised printing too.

Request a quote or contact one of our centres today to see how we can help you wake your customers from digital fatigue.

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