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Print – tangible, trustworthy and true

Just as video didn’t kill the radio star, the digital era has not spelled the demise of print.

More businesses poised to print in a post-pandemic world.

Rather than being an epic battle of David versus Goliath, print and digital are set to comfortably co-exist as Australia, and the rest of the world, shakes off the shackles of COVID-19.

While there are major benefits to both mediums, print has proven again and again that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, when it comes to gaining the attention of your audience.

In short, print is reliable as the paper on which it is inked.

Late last year, while the pandemic was still unravelling, we revealed that constant exposure to apps, programs, websites, and that all-pervasive Zoom call, was resulting in emerging digital fatigue.

Going forward into 2021, that technological exhaustion shows no signs of abating.

Off the back of that unrelenting screen time, print is continuing its triumphant comeback.

Why print?

In a world of continual uncertainty, print is tangible, trustworthy and true.

According to a study conducted by the US Post Office, published in, print provided more overall brain stimulus compared to digital.

Among the findings, print provided a greater response in relation to the amount of time a customer spends with an ad; an emotional reaction to an ad; being able to quickly and confidently remember advertising source and content; a subconscious desire for the product or service; and the subconscious value a participant places on the product or service.

While both print and digital rated equally on the amount of information the customer processes or absorbs from an ad; accurately remembers the advertising source and content; and how much the customer is willing to pay for a product; digital only ranked higher in one category – a customer’s focused attention for a sustained period of time on key components of the ad.

This research is backed up by a study published by which found four reasons people and publishers continue to invest in print:

  • People like engaging with print materials
  • Print stimulates more senses
  • Different print channels have their own benefits
  • Print can truly captivate readers

Augmented Reality

For the first time we can measure the value of print using Augmented Reality (AR). By combining AR and Graphic Design, measurable engagement can result in mammoth opportunities. 

Interactive Print is the future. Print is an essential means to effective marketing, has greater longevity than some digital, and delivers a tactile experience. Digital, on the other hand, shines when it comes to delivering seamless customer journeys that have great potential for increased reach and virality. Augmented Reality or interactive print solves this dilemma by providing marketers with the ability to make the most of both worlds by seamlessly integrating print and digital to work together in unison on the same marketing goal

Consider AR integration at the early design stage. By deploying this interactive experience where objects in the real world are ‘augmented’ by digital experiences such as video, 3D models or 3D animated objects, it will literally bring print to life. This allows you to track your print in real time, giving you a clear overview of reach and engagement.

Print Marketing

Noticing more catalogues and brochures in your letterboxes lately? As stores move from physical retail spaces to online in a post-COVID world, this trend is tipped to grow.

Direct mail remains an important component of any marketing campaign. Creative marketing ideas will always win at the end of the day. With the battle for short customer attention spans, campaigns must continually be interesting, funny and more creative than the last, and especially that of your competitor.

Personalised printed flyer

At Worldwide, we have years of experience working with a wide range of businesses. We offer a range of integrated marketing solutions to help you increase your marketing response rates. We even offer direct mail services and personalised printing too.

In the biblical battle for eyeballs in modern marketing, like David with his staff and sling, and Goliath with his armour and javelin, Worldwide has a range of solutions for your business.

Request a quote or contact one of our Centres today to discuss our passion for print.

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