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The OPM Lab – Your portal into the future

Not so long ago, the concept of robots working as security guards in hotels, or serving you food in restaurants, was as foreign as a global pandemic itself.

While many of us dreamed of living in a Jetson’s era, we never fully trusted it would occur. Until now. Suddenly, the idea of driverless cars doesn’t seem all that far away.

And this same, furious and futuristic evolutionary speed is occurring in the marketing space.

Just as C.S Lewis’ Narnia opened a wardrobe into a portal to another universe, Worldwide has developed the perfect formula to meet modern marketing needs.

The Online Product Management Software (OPM) solution is unique, enabling marketers to embrace the evolution of automation for time efficiency and in a bid to remain relevant in a rapidly changing space.

Our innovative software offers numerous benefits including providing you with the ability to produce and store a range of professionally branded, custom-printed and non-print items.

OPM Lab at a glance

  • Simplify your ordering process
  • Implement standardised pricing and Australia-wide delivery
  • Manage costs on a local and national level
  • Control your inventory

OPM enables you to transform a cumbersome manual process into an exceptionally-streamlined web-based solution.

This enables your business to celebrate improved efficiencies by removing quote requests, manual artwork approvals, double handling and long lead times.

Our periodic table of benefits

OPM reduce costs icon

Reduce Costs

Time is money. OPM optimises workflow by accelerating the order submission and delivery processes. Limiting print wastage due to proofing error

OPM instant proofing icon

Instant Proofing

OPM allows you to select, edit and proof artwork instantly before ordering. Add your database and view recipient’s proofs.

OPM brand consistency icon

Brand Consistency

Control your brand on a national level with Adobe InDesign integration ensuring your templates are in line with your corporate style guide. This will ensure uniformity throughout your campaigns.

OPM convenience icon


Order anytime, anywhere from any desktop or mobile device from your office, home, or on the road.

OPM ease of use icon

Ease of Use

Increase efficiency, improve productivity and reduce turnaround times through our user-friendly, easy to follow and logical interface – it’s just like online shopping!

OPM minimal investment icon

Minimal Investment

OPM requires no new hardware or software purchases, no special IT requirements and minimal investment. Simply load up your favourite browser on any Internet-enabled device and order.

At Worldwide, we offer a range of solutions to help you increase your marketing response rates.

Just as C.S Lewis was a successful storyteller with The Chronicles of Narnia, our OPM portal allows you to develop and build an impressive portfolio of clients with similar successful storytelling opportunities.

If you’re missing a few elements that can improve your business processes or if your current solution isn’t quite delivering as promised, contact us today for a free demonstration and see if our formula gets the right reaction. We guarantee there will be chemistry.

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