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Dedication to colour consistency

Maintaining your company’s colour palette across print collateral can be difficult to keep consistent, even for some printers. It takes a trained eye, colour matching and constant testing. There are many print factors that can affect the colour. Relying on a Graphic Designer to enter the correct CMYK colour values alone is not enough.

This is why at Worldwide, we invest financial and human resources into ensuring our colour consistency is first class. Keeping at the forefront line with international standards, the Worldwide Production Hub is leading the way in Australia with our ISO 12647/2-2013 and Fogra 51/52 colour management.

At Worldwide we have always prided ourselves on our colour consistency, and we are pleased to announce that our consistency is bigger, better and brighter than ever due to our internal processes and Colour Compass – October 2020.

Why is colour consistency so important to your business?

Colours can vary between printers, suppliers and stocks of paper, which can impact your company’s brand identity. Inconsistent colour on marketing material can make your company look disorganised and unprofessional. This is why we take colour consistency so seriously. We want your logo and assets to look their best at all times to increase your brand recognition.

Our unique colour finder (or compass as we like to call it), demonstrates colour variations on different paper stocks, as well as how colour can be affected by the use of either a gloss or matte finish. By utilising the Colour Compass, we can ensure colour consistency when printing marketing collateral, adhering to your corporate brand guidelines and maintain colour standardisation across all promotional material.

Available to sample in-Centre in five different stocks:

  • 100gsm Uncoated
  • 150gsm Gloss with Gloss Seal
  • 170gsm Matt with Matt Seal
  • 350gsm Gloss with Gloss Seal
  • 275gsm Core Kraft Back with High Gloss Seal

So what does this mean for you?

  • Consistent colour appearance job-to-job and month-to-month
  • Proof to print colour-fidelity
  • Reduce the need for reprints

Drop into your local Worldwide Centre to sample on the various stocks. You can trust Worldwide to print your brand correctly.

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