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What is a colour palette

What is a colour palette?

A colour palette is a carefully chosen set of colors used in art, design, and visuals to create a certain feeling or message. It’s essentially a group of colours that work well together and make things look nice. Colour palettes are the primary colours applied to your logo that should be used consistently across your marketing material.

The importance of a colour palette for your business

Having a good colour palette for your brand is important because it helps designers make the marketing material look consistent and attractive. When colours go well together, they can make people feel a certain way or remember things better. Colour palettes also make it easier for people to recognise brands and understand what they’re trying to say. 

In some cases, brands go a step further by trademarking specific colours, securing exclusive rights to use those colours in their industry. This ensures that their brand becomes instantly recognisable and distinct from competitors. You only need to see the purple wrapper of a chocolate bar to know that it’s Cadbury’s!

What does colour palette include?

Colour palettes can include, depending on the branding:
  • Flat colours: one solid colour.
  • Colour Gradient:  a colour progression of two or more colours.

Colour palettes or swatches showcase the colour values used for print and digital, so your corporate colours can be represented correctly across multiple platforms. These values are CMYK, RGB and HEX values for print and web purposes.
  • CMYK Values: The percentages of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black that make up a specific colour for a four-colour printing process.
  • RGB Values: The Red, Green and Blue values that make up an online colour – not to be used for printed material.
  • HEX Values: The HEX values that make up an online colour – not to be used for printed material.

A strong colour palette, backed up by consistent use, will create an authentic and recognisable brand.
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