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Eco-friendly promo tote bag

Eco-friendly promo products: Trend or fad?

Let’s cut to the chase; eco-friendly promotional products are popular, required, sensible and here to stay.

To elaborate further, there are three reasons why we know eco-friendly promotional products are not just a phase or nice “feel good” giveaways.

1. Eco-friendly promotional products are better for the planet

Reusable branded keep cupOur resources on Earth are limited – that’s a fact and it’s also well known that we can all play a role in preserving the environment by making better choices.

Sustainably made promotional products have a reduced impact on our planet, making them more desirable to customers, especially those who consciously make eco-friendly decisions every day.

Recycled products are eco-friendly as they make use of post-consumer or post-industrial waste. Some materials like bamboo and paper are considered the most sustainable commodities as they can easily be replanted and recycled multiple times. Meanwhile, biodegradable products like mock-plastics made from corn starch and paper decompose easily, making them a much better option than harmful oil-based plastics which may take thousands of years to completely disappear.

2. Customers are expecting brands to go green

Reusable tote bag

Giving away cheap, single-use plastic products do not look good for any business. It could even be a PR disaster for brands that market themselves as green and eco-friendly.

Customers expect brands to make environmentally conscious decisions. That might mean switching from polyester uniforms to cotton, using metal pens instead of plastic, or giving away thoughtful promotional products that are renewable, recyclable, organic, or biodegradable.

By choosing promotional products made from eco-friendly materials, you’ll indirectly tell your customers that you care about the environment and your impact on it.

3. Businesses are conscious of their carbon footprint

Eco-friendly USB stickCustomers are pressurising certain businesses to go green. In turn, companies have become environmentally conscious of their perceived stance on sustainability and if necessary, willing to take measures to improve their corporate culture and consumption. 

For a cafe, this may mean using local, organic produce and recycled jars as glassware. On the other hand, a lawn care service might need a marketing strategy and guidelines to handle the concerns about the impact of their usage of fertilisers or pesticides on the environment.

More and more promotional product inquiries are about eco-friendly products and for some brands going with the cheaper, less eco-friendly option is no longer an option. Organisations such as local councils, not-for-profits and charities are restricting the distribution of promotional products that aren’t sustainable as they risk negative publicity.

With an ever-growing demand, there are a plethora of eco-friendly promo products available to help you boost brand awareness, drive sales, stay top of mind and convey thank you to customers or employees.

Talk to us about eco-friendly promo ideas

Recycled ballpoint penAt Worldwide, we can source a huge range of eco-friendly promotional products.

You can get started by visiting our Online Promo Store, which is full of eco-friendly products made from bamboo, corn starch, cotton, recycled materials, and more. You can even check how your logo looks on the products with just a click of your mouse!

Why not get in touch with your local Worldwide Centre, give us a description of what you are looking for, and we will send you some of our own green ideas. From there, we can provide a quote for what you need, based on your budget and deadline.

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