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Promo cup for branded marketing

Why to go promo

The big brands of the world spend millions of dollars a year to keep their logo in the limelight, pulling out all the bells and whistles for expensive advertisements. All aimed at leaving a lasting impression with their target audience. However, if your business hasn’t got a blockbuster budget, how do you keep your brand top of mind?

The answer is promotional products. Did you know that 88% of customers can recall the company and brand on their promotional products?

What are promotional products?

Promotional products are tangible items that have been branded with a company logo. Also known as branded merchandise or corporate gifts, they are typically given away for free to promote a brand, product, service, event or message. Major retail brands often use them as an incentive to help close a sale – such as a gift with purchase promotion or a redemption offer.

In a world cluttered with advertising messages, people are looking for ways to attract attention and stand out from the crowd, stepping away from traditional mediums to get their message across. Since promotional products are tangible items, they are naturally more engaging.

You are more than likely to have received a promotional product before. You have probably looked at it or touched it… you might have even smelled or tasted it. Although you may have never seen that logo before, you have probably spent some time engaging with their brand, thanks to their useful little freebie!

According to the Australasian Promotional Products Association, 52% of customers say their impression of a brand is more positive after receiving a promotional product. With stats like this, it makes sense that more companies are looking toward promotional products to captivate new customers.

How do businesses use promotional products?

Distribution is the key to attracting new business with promotional products. Brands need to think of effective ways to put their promotional product in the right hands. In recent years, health insurance provider HBF have given away free plastic hand fans at outdoor music events, helping relieve festival goers from dance-induced overheating. Produced in the thousands at a minimal unit cost, the investment would have done wonders for brand awareness – potentially encouraging the younger target audience to look into health insurance with HBF.

Jeep has also honed in on their target audience by handing out promotional carabiners in the shape of their iconic SUV’s to customers who shopped at various travel gear stores, along with an invitation to test drive their new Jeep Territory. Even if the recipient didn’t take up the test drive offer, they may have found the promotional product incredibly useful, exposing them to the brand for longer periods of time. You can check out the campaign here.

Jeep promo caribiner campaign

Many successful businesses also use promotional products to reward their existing customers. Think about it – if you’ve been doing business with a supplier for four months or so, then you received a thoughtful Christmas gift from them at the end of the year, wouldn’t you be pleasantly surprised? The supplier not only made you feel rewarded, they also created a positive association and helped their brand remain top of mind.

When it comes to retaining your current customers, promotional products and direct mail often go hand in hand. Imagine receiving something in the post addressed from your Internet provider. You open it up, and it’s a Happy Birthday card addressed especially to you, with a free branded USB flash drive. Chances are you didn’t expect to receive a birthday gift from your Internet provider, and the fact it even has your name on it probably made you feel extra special. Why would you consider another broadband service if your current provider puts in that extra bit of effort? It probably only cost them around $5, but as they say – it’s the thought that counts!

How to choose a promo product

Promotional products are not just about giving your clients something free, they are about understanding what your market wants, so that you can separate yourself from your competitors. When choosing a promotional product, it is important that you align yourself with your audience’s needs.

What do they want?

What do they use?

The more accurate you are with these questions, the better the outcome and usefulness of your product. Certain promotional products are also better suited to certain industries – make sure you are aware of these when you make your decision. To find out which products are best suited to your industry, check out the image below.

Promo products ideas for different industries

Another factor to consider when choosing a promotional product is the season. Think socks or hoodies for the cooler months and hats or cooler bags for when it’s warmer. After all, everybody wants something they can use straight away, right? Taking into account current trends is also important. Let’s take Fidget Spinners for example, a gadget that was popular a few years ago. Everyone wanted one, so why not get ahead and give them one instead? Not just any old one – one with YOUR brand name on it! 

Branded fidget spinner for marketing

We all know how important marketing is for any business. Whether you’re looking for new business or trying to keep your current customers loyal, branding promotional products with your logo and distributing them to customers and prospects is a tried and tested way to keep your brand top of mind.

If you’re looking for branded giveaways for your business, it’s important to think about who your target market is, how you are going to reach them and how the product relates to your brand. Get started by browsing our online promo catalogues, which are full of hundreds of colourful and creative ideas. Or give your local Worldwide Centre a call for expert advice from our team.

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