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The beginner’s guide to postcard sizes

The postcard is a simple yet versatile product that can be used across all manner of marketing. From mailers or coupons to event invitations, a postcard is both a cost-effective and creative way to get your message across. That’s why they’re often referred to as the “mini-billboard”. While there’s a lot to consider when it comes to designing postcards, the size is one of the most important points you should think about.

Postcard sizes can not only affect the overall design but also influence the impact of your messaging and how it’s received. That’s why our experts at Worldwide are here to guide you on all you need to know about postcard dimensions.

What Postcard Sizes Are There?

Postcards can be printed in almost any size, but the most common postcard sizes are:

  • A6 – (148 x 105mm)
  • A5 – (148 x 210 mm)
  • DL – (99 x 210 mm)
  • A4 Square – (210 x 210mm)

A6 is the classic postcard size as it is small and budget-friendly to send through the post. That’s why we often see them in gift shops when looking for something to send back home during the holidays. For marketing and business promotion, the smaller paper size also makes them perfect for direct mailing campaigns and point-of-sale displays.

What Size Do I Choose?

The information and messages that you want to portray can play a large role in deciding the size of your postcard.

Postcard Sizes A6

Size A6: The compact area is ideal for gift certificates, special offers and other marketing that requires little copy.

Postcard Sizes A5

Size A5: Double the area of standard cards, they offer more opportunity for bigger text and images. This is the ideal size for invitations, discounts, advertising your services and more.

Postcard Sizes DL

Size DL: The rectangular dimensions of this postcard make them a popular choice for menus, point-of-sale offers and instructional messages.

Postcard Sizes square

Square: While the actual dimensions of the square can vary, the format is a stylish and modern design that calls back to social media images. Choose this size for printing photos, wedding cards and thank you messages.

Worldwide Printing Guide

Outside of our standard printing templates, we also offer custom printing services for various other sizes. Here are a few guidelines to ensure that you get the best results.

  • All our printing items have a standard 2mm bleed area.
  • The finished trim size for a standard A6 postcard is 148 x 105 mm.
  • Make sure that any background colour or design covers the bleed area, otherwise, you may be left with white borders when the items are cut.
  • Ensure that all critical information is safely outside of the bleed area to avoid being cut off when trimming occurs.

Postcard Design Tips

Our team of experienced graphic designers are well-equipped to bring your ideas to life but if you are thinking about creating your own materials, we’ve also got some useful tips to make the most of this format.

  • Keep it simple – Like normal billboards, the purpose of a postcard should be to quickly get your message across. The relatively small size means that only the most important copy should be present.
  • Include striking visuals – Choose bold imagery and colours to increase the chances of standing out and catching the eye of customers. A prominent logo is a great way to instantly create brand recognition.
  • Consider both sides – Always remember that postcards have a reverse side. This area can be used to present information such as your business contact details and extra visuals to catch attention when the card is turned over.

For a versatile and budget-friendly marketing solution, choose Worldwide’s postcard printing services. Our dedicated team can help you pick out the right design and size for your needs. Visit your nearest Worldwide Centre or get a free quote on our postcard printing today!

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