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graphic design trends 2022

Top 5 graphic design trends for 2022

Graphic Designers influence our visual world by exploring techniques that inevitably become trends, collectively helping define an era… and what an era we’re in.

Design is evolving as we adapt to the new normal, and notably, we’re seeing Graphic Designers look in hope to the future through inspiration from the past.

Here are five graphic design trends we’re predicting you’ll see a lot of in 2022.

90s Nostalgia

As the saying goes, ‘everything old is new again’.

The 90s are distant enough to spark nostalgia in many, and inspiration in more, the retro era of VHS tapes and hot pink leopard print is back! The fashion-forward have been on the 90s bandwagon for some time now, and we’re starting to see graphic designers jump on too.

The 90s trend is an ode to warm, pre-Internet days and very border between the analogue and digital age. Grainy filters reminiscent of 90s Kodak photography are all the rage on social media, while clashing colour palettes and Memphis design elements (think geometric shapes, squiggles and stripes) are making a comeback.

90s nostalgia neon design
90s nostalgia retro shapes design

Maximalism Design

With the Gen Z workforce making their presence known across industries, the minimalist aesthetic that’s dominated both graphic design and interior design during the 2000s is now being drawn back into abstract design, taking inspiration from the chaotic design trends of yesteryear.

Maximalist graphic design rejects simplicity, instead favouring bold colours, big typography and busy graphics that all compete for your attention. As seen in current maximalist or “cluttercore” interior design trends, there are no rules – it’s a feast for the eyes with little room for white space.

Colourful maximalism design example
Colourful maximalism design trend example

Colourful Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t dead – it’s just evolving.

As opposed to straight-up Scandinavian minimalism, colourful minimalism embraces simplicity but splashes a bit of colour on it.

This trend is all about colour blocking – using blocks of colour to add depth and interest. Designs tend to stick to one or two colours while embracing minimalist rules, like empty space, simple fonts and clean lines.

Pink and blue colourful minimalism design example
2022 graphic design trend colourful minimalism shapes

3D Graphics

This year, 3D graphics will continue to blur the lines between physical and digital.

3D rendering just makes everything more realistic and impressive, communicating messages much more effectively than their 2D counterparts.

Marketing mascots have been around for ages, but these days, brands like Bankwest are using 3D characters to convey emotion, often more realistically than a flat cartoon and more attention-grabbing than a real person. Similarly, 3D typography jumps off the page or screen, demanding to be read.

In 2022, we predict a whole lot of 3D characters and typography, offset by flat, block colour backgrounds.

2022 graphic design trend 3D image of man packing a van
2022 graphic design trend 3D image man on scooter


We’re still talking about the environment – and the conversation is only getting louder.

Brands are under pressure to make environmentally conscious decisions that go beyond using the colour green. Consumers can tell when brands are “greenwashing” them and investing time in simply appearing environmentally friendly.

The proof is in the pudding. The challenge for graphic designers is to work with recycled papers, sustainable inks and biodegradable packaging while still making a visual impact.

2022 eco-aesthetic graphic design trend
Sustainable packagaing design trend 2022

There you have it – our top 5 graphic design trends for 2022. Want to make sure your brand is on-trend? Talk to our team of Graphic Designers and Print Professionals today – we’ll help you make a statement that sells.

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