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Marketing checklist for your next event or conference

Planning a successful event or conference involves a whole host of details. One of the most important aspects to consider is your marketing material.

The right mix of signage and promotional items not only boosts your brand’s visibility but also enhances engagement with your audience. Whether you’re organising a local trade show or a national conference, we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist of marketing materials to ensure your event is a hit.

Event marketing essentials


If you are the host, paying special attention to your initial invitation can set the tone for the whole event. Whether you choose the simplicity of an email invite or invest in a custom printed invitation, the design and message should resonate with your brand and the purpose of the event. A well-crafted invitation not only captures attention but also conveys the importance and exclusivity of the occasion. To add a personal touch, tailor the wording to reflect the interests of your target audience, ensuring they feel genuinely welcomed and valued. Remember, the initial invitation is your first opportunity to make a meaningful connection with attendees, so make it count.

Social media content

Start building excitement early with tailored social media content. Tease your attendance, share countdown posts, and use event-specific hashtags to keep your audience informed and engaged. Consider scheduling posts for the duration of the event to maintain momentum.

Business cards

Never underestimate the power of a good business card. If you are attending a trade show or a networking event where you will meet new people, ensure you have updated and professionally designed business cards ready to hand out. This small tool can make a significant impact on networking and lead generation. Many companies also still run business card draws, particularly at trade shows. Having a stack of cards available increases your chance of making a connection or even winning a prize!


Develop informative brochures that outline your services, showcase success stories, and provide contact details. Brochures are perfect for giving potential clients a deeper insight into what your company can offer. A printed brochure, catalogue or flyer is a great way to reach a wider audience, particularly at larger exhibitions or trade shows. Not all visitors will have the time or inclination to stop for a chat, so make it easy for them to grab some information they can read at their own leisure.


Customised lanyards not only increase brand visibility but are also practical for event attendees. They’re perfect for holding name tags, keys, or USBs. Make sure your lanyards stand out with unique designs or colours that reflect your brand identity. There are many options available from basic name badges to fully customised and branded lanyards.

Branded merchandise and giveaways

Freebies are always a hit at events. Invest in branded merchandise such as pens, notebooks, or stress balls. Choose items that are likely to be used beyond the event for continued brand exposure. Speak to your local Worldwide team for ideas or browse one of our online promo catalogues for ideas.

Signage options for events

Media wall

Create a dynamic backdrop for photos or interviews with a custom media wall. It’s an excellent tool for brand reinforcement and makes your booth or space more inviting and professional.

Pull-up banners

Easy to set up and highly effective, pull-up banners can be strategically placed around your booth to attract attention and communicate key messages or offers. Pull-up banners are a perfect way to highlight and acknowledge any event sponsors or speakers.

Printed panels for exhibition booths

Got a booth or stand you need to decorate? Customise your exhibition space with printed panels that reflect your brand’s aesthetic and message. This visually appealing approach can significantly enhance the attendee’s experience and draw them into your booth. The printing method will be decided by the event organisers and their preferences but the panels can be produced to be easily installed and removed.

Floor signage

Where appropriate, floor signage can be used to direct traffic to your booth or highlight special areas within your event. These can be especially effective in large venues to guide attendees right to your doorstep.

Post-event marketing

After the event, a well-timed follow-up can keep your brand top of mind. Consider sending thank you emails or cards, digital versions of your brochures, and special offers to the new contacts you’ve made. Tailor your follow-up content to reflect the interactions you had with specific leads to add a personal touch.

A well-planned collection of marketing materials can make a significant difference in how your brand is perceived and the impact of your participation in events and conferences. By preparing thoroughly, you ensure that every attendee leaves with a lasting impression of your brand, boosting your potential for post-event sales and engagement.

At Worldwide, we understand the importance of every detail in event marketing. Our suite of printing, design, and marketing services is designed to cover all your event needs from start to finish. 

Let us help you make your next event not just successful, but memorable.


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