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Printing for the environmentally conscious

Nowadays, small businesses and corporations alike are expected to make environmental improvements when they can, as often as they can. From ditching single-use plastic bags to using more eco-friendly printing methods and products, customers want to see businesses making a collective effort toward sustainable practices.

Likewise, suppliers (such as commercial printers) have the environmental responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever and whenever possible. It’s important for your business to make a green impression, and it pays to do research on how you can improve your own green footprint when it comes to your printed collateral.

Three things to consider when deciding on channels for communication to customers

Did you know that you create fewer carbon emissions reading print advertising than scrolling through social media?

“Catalogue, brochure, magazine and newsprint production results in 20% less direct CO2 emissions.”

National Pulp & Paper

Paper is the only truly renewable resource. Today’s paper industry plants more trees than it harvests, with 25% more trees in the developed world now than in the 1900’s.

Environmental impacts of the digital world

2. Choose to maximise your printed collateral

Do you only require a one-sided flyer for your campaign?

Why not consider partnering up with a neighbouring business to print on the other side?

Going 50/50 with a like-minded company will reduce your company’s expenses and maximise the potential of your printed piece while reducing the environmental consequences.

For businesses that are committed to making sustainable choices, consider lower-impact finishing techniques, like aqueous UV coatings, to protect your paper so it can be used more than once. Try embossing or debossing to naturally draw attention to your design without the use of environmentally destructive or wasteful processes.

Here at Worldwide, we know and understand design, and we can make sure your project is designed with sustainability in mind. 

Enviromental benefits of UV coatings

3. Choose a sustainable printer

Before partnering with a printer, find out about their environmental credentials.

Are they carbon neutral? Do they have any strategies in place to offset their carbon footprint? How do they support sustainability? Do they use toxic and harmful chemicals like oil-based paint thinners or ammonia? Do they use paper sourced from a paper plantation?

With over 30 Centers across Australia, Worldwide is a nationwide franchise, and we are committed to providing sustainable solutions to our customers.

Celebrating 10 years of net-zero emissions

Our Worldwide Production Hub has made major industry-leading decisions to reduce their environmental footprint both in the past and present, with green incentives leading well into the future. They have implemented one of WA’s largest solar farms, generating 2.4 gigawatts of clean, green electricity every day – they are in the top 100 in Australia.

To achieve this, they have invested in Carbon Credit Projects, as determined by the Australian Federal Government National Carbon Offset Standard. Currently, they are investing in the Generic Wind Project in China, which replaces energy derived from fossil fuels by building and maintaining windfarms. This limits local air pollution and has created long-term job opportunities for residents, contractors and suppliers in the area.

At Worldwide, we continually invest in production capabilities and processes to minimise our environmental impact. Our team of design and print experts are trained to identify ways you can make more sustainable printing choices.

Worldwide Production Hub commitment to sustainability

Find out more about our Production Hub’s dedication to carbon neutrality, or talk to your local Worldwide Centre about our sustainable printing options.

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