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Markting automation flying success

Why marketing automation is a flying success

When American animation studio Hanna-Barbera released The Jetson’s in 1962, the popular cartoon series was set in a seemingly inconceivable 2062. One hundred years too far in the future to even contemplate.

Curiously, 2062 is now much closer to 2021 than 1962. That is to say, the future, is now.

Smart marketers, some of whom grew up on a diet of Jane and George Jetson,  are adopting all of the futuristic concepts they predicted and more. 

According to The Jetsons were way ahead of their time, embracing 12 technologies predicted for 2062 that exist right now. 

These include video calls (Zoom meeting anyone?); robotic vacuums, smart watches, drones, flat screen televisions, robotic house help, flying cars, 3D printed food, the “pillcam”, holograms, jetpacks and tablet computers.

Had there been a 13th prediction, at Worldwide Printing, we’re confident that would have included marketing automation.

Do you want to build strong relationships with your customers through a fully-automated journey utilising relevant, personalised communication across multiple media channels?

By embracing marketing automation, you can rapidly realise a range of benefits.

Worldwide's integrated marketing solution delivers:

Improved Response Rates

With more tailored and relevant marketing campapigns. 

Marketing Automation

Engaging cross-channel communication through this fully-automated experience.

No Upfront Investment

Al low-risk proposition with high returns via zero capital investment at the start.

Synchronised data icon

Synchronised Database

One database, multiple channels allowing you to reach your target audience.

No Skill

All of the heavy lifting is done from our end with our specialist skills.

Fully Automated Journeys

A solution which takes into account individual customer preferences and needs.


Best solutions using modern integration technologies to support campaigns.

Seamless Communication

Consistent and continuous cross-channel customer journeys.

“The global marketing automation size is expected to reach $8.42 billion in 2027, expanding at a rate of 9.8% from 2020 to 2027.”

Like Hanna-Barbera’s crystal ball, it’s a technological prediction we’ve been making for some time.

In a two-part series on this platform back in 2018, we examined where marketers were at that juncture in time and where they were going.

In The Present we raised the issue of how modern marketers can stay competitive and connected in such a noisy technological space, likening locating your audience between the different devices, segments and platforms and channels as a game of Where’s Wally.

Just three short years ago, we predicted in the next decade that automation would take centre stage.

In our second piece in the series, we examined The Future which included marketing integration, hyper personalisation and automation.

A future where everything from email and SMS to landing pages and digital campaigns, every message remained on point via automation.

As we’ve stated previously, that future is now. And like Hanna-Barbera, we’re ahead of our time.

Such big business is marketing automation, that the largest acquisition of a marketing automation provider to date was in 2018 when Adobe acquired Marketo for $4.75billion.

Can your business afford not to embrace the concept?

Even better, you don’t need Adobe’s billions of dollars to make marketing automation work for you.

Just like The Jetson’s flying car, marketing automation can drive you from zero to hero.

To reach top gear in your business, contact us for a free demonstration on our marketing automation (U) solution.

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