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Simple business card design

Make your business card count

Introductions are often fleeting and some of the savviest networkers collect hundreds of cards from all kinds of contacts. So what better direct marketing tool to leave a memorable impression than the humble business card?

Associating your brand with quality is key. No matter what industry you’re in, a creased card with fraying corners and smudged ink doesn’t communicate you or your business very effectively. It all starts with good design. But, that doesn’t just mean attention-grabbing graphics and complementary colours.

Keep your business card design simple

While it’s tempting to try and explain every element of your business on a card, it isn’t a company profile. Try and avoid cramming your card full of information. Less is more and will be better received if uncluttered and well organised. If you do feel the need to have a greater amount of information, then consider a folding business card to give that extra space.

Simple business card design

Make your business card memorable

You want to make sure your card makes a lasting impression. This can be achieved in many ways from a quirky design, to great use of colour and typography, through to clever catchy messaging. A variety of these elements linked through to some great finishing options can deliver an outstanding business card.

Memorable business card design

Add the finishing touch

There are a number of finishing techniques that can add a touch of class to even the simplest design. Highlight your logo or draw attention to details of your business card with UV Varnish – a clear coating of varnish that adds a glossy eye-catching finish to your design.

Embossing is another textural technique that will keep your business card top of mind. Elements like logos, lines or shapes are raised for a 3D effect, adding a touch and feel factor to the all-important look of your card. Foiling is another option which can be used to add a more intense shine to business cards more commonly used on typography or company logos.

You can quite literally make your business card stand out from the crowd with die-cutting. A standard sized card with attractive design will still draw attention, but changing it up with unconventional sizes, rounded corners or customer cuts will make your business card all the more engaging. A card in the shape of a camera lens would work wonders for a photographer. While a truck-shaped business card is perfect for a food delivery service.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to stand out. With a library of die-cut shapes available, speak to our team of design and print experts about what might work for you. Nobody wants their brand associated with the word cheap. At Worldwide we always recommend laminating your business card. Ask about our cost-effective gloss and matte laminate options and help protect your business card from potential damage or wear and tear.

Business card finishing options

Brand is everything

Having a great brand appearance is half the battle won when it comes to making your business stand out. From small enterprises through to large organisations, if the brand looks sub-standard it will affect the perception of your company delivering quality, service and value. Brand consistency is another area to consider. If your current website looks different to your business card it could give the customer a negative experience and questions may be raised over your credibility.

Business card with brand consistency

Driving online traffic

Your business card can be a launching pad for driving traffic to a variety of locations. If you have a website and social media pages include them on your business card. This adds another avenue for a potential customer to gain insight into your company and obtain valuable first-hand testimonials and experience of how your business performs.

When designing an effective and impressive business card the only limit is your imagination. The team at Worldwide are always available to assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

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