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Minimise risk & maximise efficiency with OPM

Businesses that want to simplify the way they order and manage print products and services online have seen great success through using our easy-to-use Online Product Management system known as OPM. This online printing service provides the ability to manage and produce a range of professionally branded, custom printed and non-print related items.

We’ve spent more than a decade providing businesses with technology solutions that increase efficiencies across their marketing, brand and sales functions. The investments we’ve made mean we can provide Australian businesses with a web-hosted, centralised portal that:

  • Houses collateral securely and conveniently.
  • Allows for user-specific access from anywhere, at any time, 365 days a year.

No matter how big or small our customers’ business is, there is a always a want for reducing operating costs and decreasing risk. We use OPM to make this possible for our customers and their business.

Reducing costs while increasing productivity

At its core, OPM is designed to save businesses time, which in turn, saves them money.

Since its inception, OPM has been optimising workflows – regardless of their complexity. It works by accelerating the order submission and delivery process when ordering print and marketing products. Template-driven work is cleverly created through the use of user-specific logins and user-populated fields. The nature of templated work, paired with the ability to include final-approval checkpoints, decreases the need for manual intervention and limits the print wastage that comes from proofing errors.

While some of our customers use OPM to simply house all of their corporate collateral in one simple-to-access location, others use its full-stack capabilities to ensure that their businesses remain connected, productive and seamless. The ease-of-use that OPM users enjoy can be attributed to its intuitive interface that is logical to follow. We’ve taken inspiration from online shopping models. This allows users to search for items, customise and tailor their goods,  add them to their cart and proceed with limited payment barriers.

Our system allows for flexible, agreed pricing options and can be configured to allow for specific quantities and unit numbers to give our customers greater control over their spending. Customers can order what they need, when they need it – whether it be bespoke orders or the dispatch of inventory. OPM users won’t need any new hardware or software to use the system – all they need is a stable internet connection.

Risk-reduction is paramount to OPM’s viability

When using OPM, you’ll be able to control your brand on a national level. The system allows for Adobe InDesign integration which ensures that your templates are in line with your corporate style guide. This will enable consistency throughout your campaigns, and ultimately across your brand, whilst reducing the chance of artwork errors and reprints due to manual-handling and human oversight. For more control or to align with your internal processes, our team can easily add an approval step before orders are submitted.

OPM can be set-up to allow for user registration authentication levels based on your organisation’s security requirements. These authorisation levels provide your business with control over the parameters surrounding artwork, uploads, editing and accessible areas within OPM. The levels can be configured per user or triggered when orders exceed a particular amount to keep the right people in the loop, while ensuring that the proper protocols and authorisation processes are accounted for and adhered to. 

Unlimited Needs. Unlimited Solutions.

The customisable nature of OPM allows us to provide our customers with progressive solutions to some very real problems.

Average time to complete a request OPM
OPM processes stats

Megasealed is a franchise network with 34 franchises across NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA. We helped take their average order time from 3 days to 15 minutes by auditing and housing over 220 products that included:

  • stock items
  • corporate clothing
  • promo merchandise
  • stationery
  • digital assets
  • social media content
  • press advertising
  • print marketing
  • NCR books
  • operations manuals
  • technical safety
  • brand guidelines.

Or, Orbitz Elevators, who deliver market-leading vertical transportation solutions across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Orbitz were looking to create a number of tender documents in a more efficient and comprehensive manner. Given the number of variable elements within the document, the current process was extremely time-consuming and labour intensive. We were able to help reduce a job that took 8 hours down to 20 minutes.

OPM is a user-friendly system that lets your business be able to remain connected and agile, in an increasingly virtual environment while reducing its risks, errors, re-prints – and, ultimately, costs.

Find out more about OPM here, or call your nearest Worldwide Centre for a free demo on how OPM can save your business time, money and frustration today.

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