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Preparing your business for the Black Friday boom

Black Friday sales have evolved into a significant retail phenomenon worldwide, and this year, experts predict that these sales events will outperform even Christmas and Boxing Day in terms of revenue.

Strategic insights consultancy Nature are predicting a 14% boost on last year’s Black Friday sales and last year’s Salesforce’s Holiday Insights Hub found that around 25% of all Australian Christmas shopping is done during the Black Friday sales.

As the date approaches, it’s crucial for businesses to gear up and ensure they can meet consumer demand effectively. Here’s a quick guide to making sure your business is fully prepared for the Black Friday onslaught.

Optimise your website for increased traffic

One of the first things to consider, particularly if you’re taking online orders, is the readiness of your online platform to handle the inevitable surge in traffic. A slow or crashing website can discourage potential customers and damage your brand’s reputation. To prepare for the anticipated rise in visitors, it might be wise to invest in boosting your site’s bandwidth and load time. Also, consider running a series of stress tests to identify and eliminate any bottlenecks or weak points.

Get your point-of-sale marketing material ready

Physical stores should also be prepared for an influx of customers. Well-designed point-of-sale (POS) materials like banners, shelf-wobblers, and floor stickers can draw attention to sale items and facilitate a smooth shopping experience. These materials should be coherent with your overall branding and should be ordered well in advance to avoid any last-minute hitches.

Capture customer email addresses for future engagements

Black Friday is not just about immediate sales; it’s also an excellent opportunity to build your customer database. Use this period to encourage customers to sign up for newsletters, loyalty programs, or future promotions by offering something in return—maybe an additional discount or early access to sales. The goal is to engage these customers in the long term, turning a seasonal spike in business into sustained growth.

Prepare your social media channels

Your social media channels should be buzzing with activity leading up to and during the Black Friday sales. Consider crafting a content calendar that includes countdowns, teasers, and exclusive previews to generate excitement and anticipation. Utilise paid advertising to extend your reach, and consider influencer partnerships to tap into new audiences. It’s all about creating a sense of urgency and making your offers too good to resist.

Brand your packaging, stickers, and thank you cards

For businesses that expect to do a substantial amount of online sales, the unboxing experience is an often-overlooked area where you can stand out. Custom-branded packaging, stickers, and thank you cards add a touch of class and make the customer feel valued. It turns the act of receiving a package into a memorable event, increasing the likelihood of repeat business. Make sure these materials are ordered and in-stock well before Black Friday hits.


Black Friday presents a golden opportunity to not just achieve high sales but also to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement. A well-prepared business ensures that all fronts, from online platforms to physical stores, are geared up to deliver an unmatched shopping experience. By doing so, you can turn the Black Friday opportunity into long-term gains for your business.

Here at Worldwide, we offer a comprehensive range of design, print, and marketing solutions that can help you optimise every aspect of your Black Friday preparations—from point-of-sale materials to customised packaging. Reach out to your local Centre and ensure that your business is Black Friday-ready.

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